Professional and Academic Advancement: We infuse and energize our group by enhancing the lives of members through the creative sharing of ideas, skills, and unique talents. It is our belief that only through working alongside one another will we rise together.

WE-Care Community: We nurture, sustain, and reinvest in our mission and community, through wisely caring for our human, material, and natural resources. It is our belief that a nurturing self-care community is a necessary feature of our organization.

Accessibility: We compassionately provide a virtual meeting space to students to increase student involvement and the acquisition of skills. It is our belief that increasing accessibility practices will lead to a more respectful and diverse clinical field.

Excellence: We promise to deliver the finest outcomes and highest-level of service through unsurpassed teamwork and group member accountability. It is our belief that through the commitment of skill development, we will create optimal client and community care practices.

Social Justice: We embrace the Clinical Social Work AssociationNASW and University Code of Ethics and find strength in the diversity of our members and partners. It is our belief that all clients and members deserve exceptional care and a safe environment built on the platform of transparency and respect.

Collaboration: We aim to value the diverse contributions of all members, community partners, and University partners. It is our belief that we grow as a community through compassionate involvement and collective wisdom-sharing.

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