Fall Quarter 2018

September Theme

Pick and choose whichever activities and events you want to join. You’re able to attend what works best with your schedule.

Substance Abuse Interventions and Community Mental Health Recovery

  • Thursday, September 20: 7:30p–8:30p: New Member Orientation
  • Monday, September 24; 7:30p–8:30p: Skill Sharing

October Theme

Clinical Theories

  • Wednesday, October 3; 7:30p–8:30p: Student Case Consults
  • Thursday, October 11; 7:30p–8:30p: Get to know one another
  • Monday, October 15; 7:30p–8:30p: Role Playing
  • Wednesday, October 24; 7:30p–8:30p: Skill Sharing

November Theme

Assessments and Co-Occurring Disorders

  • Thursday, November 1; 7:30p–8:30p: Student Case Consults
  • Monday, November 5; 7:30p–8:30p: Get to know one another
  • Wednesday, November 14; 7:30p–8:30p: Role Playing
  • Thursday, November 29; 7:30p–8:30p: Skill Sharing

December Theme

Ethics and Therapeutic Interventions

  • Monday, December 3; 7:30p–8:30p: Student Case Consults
  • Wednesday, December 12; 7:30p–8:30p: Alumni/Faculty/Community Org Employee Spotlight
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