New Member Resources

Thank you for joining Student Consult Group (SCG). We are so excited for you to be a part of our community. We look forward to your contributions to our field and how you will support your peers in mutual growth.  Before you embark on your new member experience, we encourage you to read the Community Agreements and add yourself to our Facebook Group. Our Community Agreements are located on our Facebook Group and on our Google Drive.

SCG uses four free services to provide our events and activities. In order to receive the full SCG member experience, you will need to create free accounts on Facebook, Google Drive, YouTube, and Zoom.


The SCG Facebook Group will allow you to take part in relevant member discussions ranging from elective experiences, upcoming activities and events, scholarship offerings, and training opportunities. Members will also use this platform for collective wisdom-sharing and as a means to build community.

Google Drive

Once you are accepted as an SCG member, you will be emailed a special SCG Google Drive link. Our Google Drive will provide you access to all of SCG materials, as well as helpful information concerning local opportunities and resources that are available only to members. We know that each member is at a different place in their educational journey, and we are always looking for ways to add to the Google Drive. If you have any suggestions or files that would benefit the community, please feel free to contact SCG Board Chair, Salomé Valencia-Bohné.


Our YouTube Channel will allow you access to new member orientation videos, organization spotlights, informational interviews, skill sharing, and special guest presentations.


When you are accepted as an SCG member, you will be emailed a special SCG Zoom Video Conferencing link. Zoom will allow you to take part in small, on-line group session work such as, but not limited to, monthly role playing and case consultations. If you do not yet have a Zoom account, you will need to create one to fully participate in SCG activities and events.

Thank you so much for taking part in SCG. SCG is an initiative that is student led and managed. It’s our hope to make this space as accessible as possible to all members. In order to do that, we utilize only the best free web services available to us. If you have any suggestions on how to enhance member experiences, please email  SCG Board Chair, Salomé Valencia-Bohné.

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