Practitioner Activist Blog

This blog is intended to be an open and compassionate space to further support the development of members’ critical consciousness. As we grow and learn together, please share your thoughts, insights, and reflections about your clinical social work journey. Through sincere reflection, we can work together to better understand our positionality as well as the importance of bringing our full selves to the table.

Blog posts are to be thoughtful and critical reflections that adhere to NASW Code of Ethics and members’ individual University Code of Ethics. They are also to meet the three basic guidelines below.

Expertise: You must show SCG that your post is well thought out and that you have done your research. You do not need to be a world renowned subject matter specialist; you do need to cite your references.

Ingenuity: Please provide a fresh spin on well-known topics and/or send us your original writings. We embrace new, innovative ways of thought and practices. It is our hope that you will bring fresh ideas and ways of being in the world that positively change the way social work is currently being done.

Authenticity: We publish honest pieces that are relevant to clinical social work students. We won’t publish pieces that are promotional in nature and that appear in multiple web searches.

Please submit your blog posts to info@studentconsultgroup.org.

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